Nightlife in Slovakia

The past two evenings have provided wonderful opportunities to connect with students from this year and year’s past. Some of you will remember Tomas, a student who attended our English classes in years 1-3. He visited Vancouver a couple of years ago and his photo is presently on the Serving Slovakia bulletin board in the main hallway. Tomas recently graduated from the University of Zilina with a degree in what we would think of as youth ministry. He will be leaving in 3 weeks to attend an international university in Norway to attend classes that will be taught in English! It was very rewarding to see how his spiritual life has progressed and his English skills have improved and to feel as if we have been a part of it!

Last night some of the teachers of the advanced class were invited by a group of our students to visit the nearby castle in Strecno. The weather turned out to be as unpredictable as the internet access in the dorm rooms and we ended up hurrying down the hill in an absolute downpour! (I was so proud of  one of our students, Michael, when he exclaimed that it was “raining cats and dogs”!)

Dinner with Tomas at Pasaz

Drying off at the pizzeria in Strecno

Thoroughly drenched, we found a pizzeria near the castle where we went in to have dinner and dry off. We left several hours later, much drier and with deepening friendships after having discussed politics and religion, two of the topics we told them to avoid in small talk situations last week. Thankfully we are well past the small talk stage and can now call them our friends!

And so the adventure continues…

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