Prayer request and a miracle (or two) 3

So, it’s really, really hot.  

Really.  I keep reminding myself that it’s not nearly as hot as our first year here – and definitely not as hot or humid as it is in Indonesia right now (where the Impact Indonesia team is serving at this time) – but somehow that doesn’t seem to be cooling me off, although it is a great reminder to be praying for that team.

Please be praying that it would cool off soon.  The rooms are so stuffy and hot (you can see the students fading by the middle of the afternoon) and it makes it difficult to sleep (which causes the teachers to fade even sooner!)

However, in spite of the heat, the students are arriving eager to learn and ready to laugh – and they’re even willing to practice their English on people other than their teachers!! A miracle… 

Speaking of miracles, this evening we had a worship service in a church that was built in the 16th century.  Yeah, you read that right.  As we stood at the front, receiving communion, I thought of all the believers who’d done the very same thing, in the very same place, worshipping the very same God. 


And glorious, awe-inspiring, overwhelming, encouraging… 

Oh, and did I mention it was really, really cool inside.  

Another miracle.

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