Quick Request 9

We moved into our permanent classrooms last night.  It’s great to be in them, but, after two full days of classes and the effects of jet-lag and lack of sleep, it was challenging to find the energy to get them ready.  I think they’ll be a work in progress this week. 😉


The quick request?  Pray.  

As was true last year, the combination of lack of sleep, jet lag, teaching, new experiences, food, etc. tend to catch up with us mid-week, and almost all of us are feeling it.  

Pray that God will give each of us an extra shot of energy, confidence, awareness of His presence – and a good night’s sleep!  

And, if you’ve taken time to read our blog and, even more importantly, pray for us, please leave a comment and let us know.  You have no idea what a huge boost it is to read comments from home.  

So, I guess that was two requests…

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