Reaching Out 2

Today begins the second week of EFL classes here in Martin for our team. Classes have gone great so far and we’re really looking forward to what this next week will bring.

Tonight our group is reaching out to the local youth group at the church here. We’re inviting them to come hang out with us at 5pm tonight for some fun activities and just getting to know each other, followed up by taking them to pizza in the square at 6 and then a concert by a band from the church, also in the square. It promises to be a great time not only for us getting to know the people within the youth group, but also within the town itself. Us showing the support of the youth group is a huge step, particularly since youth groups within churches are largely unheard of here in Slovakia.

This trip is turning out to be so much more than just reaching out to the students in the EFL program, but instead we are reaching out to so many more. It is an amazing time wherein many of the moments we’re experiencing can not even begin to be adequately explained with words.

Today within the classes, including the California team’s classes, we are coordinating a 4th of July celebration. This is to give them an idea of what celebrations are like within America. We are even baking fourth of july cupcakes for all of the students (which is quite an undertaking).

More to come later, but this is just an update of what is going on today.

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