Ready to go?

The Serving Slovakia 2012 Blog and Photo Gallery are fully functional and ready to go! I’m afraid I don’t know that I can say the same for myself just yet. After weeks of fighting with various features for this year’s website, I’m afraid I haven’t put much thought into what all I need to do to actually prepare myself for this trip. This being my 6th time serving in Slovakia, I find myself settling into the same rhythm as years past. While I know that the prior trips have all been successful, I must be vigilant not to become apathetic at any point. Those reading this at home, my teammates, and the people we are going to serve deserve far better than that. I know that the Lord has great things in store for this year’s team, as we run not one, but TWO week long camps — in addition to the EFL classrooms that run the full two-week period of our journey. I will do my best to document as many of the experiences as I can and keep the website up-to-date for those of you following us back home. I am already encouraged by the multiple blog entries and test entries that have been submitted by the team members in the less than 12 hours since I activated all of their accounts.

Please, feel free to share this website with all of your friends, family, and coworkers who might have an interest in following us on our journey. Prayer is always welcome, and certainly always needed, as we travel abroad with a large group of people. Prayers for the health and safety of the team members as we travel to a distant and, for many of us, new place. Prayers that each member of the team allow God’s love to flow from the inside out as we serve in Slovakia. And, lastly, prayers for those with whom we’ll come into contact throughout our time in Slovakia.

For those on the team, T-minus: 76 hours until we all meet at the airport (wow– 4 am on Friday is coming quickly)!



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