Recap… 1

As I looked at our site, I realized we haven’t told you much about our activities over the last few days.  So, here’s a quick recap…

Sunday – Church services and classroom set-up

Monday – Recovered from first day of classes.

Tuesday – Cleaned up temporary classrooms.  Went for a hike and barbeque at a local village.

Set up classrooms when we returned – at 9pm.

Wednesday – First day of classes in our permanent classrooms.  It’s good to be “home”.

Thursday – Almost done with our first week of classes.  Started putting pictures up on the wall of the past week’s activities. It’s fun to watch the students come out and instantly start looking for themselves and friends.  Pictures definitely are a universal language!  Thursday evening, we went to a local outdoor museum.

Enjoyed a time of worship with some of the staff of the Bible School in a wooden church built in 1792.  It was a very special time.  After that, we sampled some traditional Slovak food, enjoyed some music, and laughed a lot!

Friday – Can hardly believe it!  Our first week of classes are over!!  We’re tired, but so glad to be here.  I can see some great relationships already developing between the students and team.  

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