Relationships continue… 1

Filip is back! Filip came to English classes two years ago for the first time. He spoke only a little English but was placed in the intermediate class. He liked to keep his hat pulled down over his eyes and wouldn’t smile much.

Last year Filip returned to English class and begged to be moved into the intermediate class when he was placed in beginners. I knew Filip needed to be where he had connections with myself and Kirsten. He worked a little harder on speaking English, smiled a little more and stayed around in Martin after classes were out most days to go on our trips or just stay and visit.

Filip is back again this year, and we see even more changes. He’s in the intermediate class once again. He’s speaking more English, he’s smiling and he let Louella and I give him a big hug when we saw him during registration the first day. He showed more confidence during a get-to-know-you game in class yesterday and surprised me with how cleverly he played the game. Please pray with us that Filip will see Jesus in us and opportunities to share about Jesus will arise.

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