Request for prayer… 1

I have a couple more requests for prayer for both the group as a whole, and for a couple of people within our group.

As I write this, several of our teammates are on trains/buses to different parts of Slovakia to spend the day with students and their families. Please pray that they both have safe travels as they go, and that they also have a great impact on the lives of the students and the families they are with. Courtney is even spending the night with the student she left with and so will undoubtedly have amazing stories to tell of her time. Again, I just ask you to pray that everyone remain safe and yet still have a positive impact on their families.

After church this morning, the rest of the team will be hosted for lunch by various members of the church congregation and students, usually 2-3 Americans per Slovak family. Today will undoubtedly be filled with priceless stories, photos, and experiences by all. Please continue to pray for us as we interact one-on-one with the Slovak people and that we show God’s grace and love for the Slovaks even though it is us that are being served today instead.

Another prayer request is one of health…

Please be praying that our team stay healthy. I myself have had a sore throat and sinus congestion the last couple of days and found out just this morning that many more people are beginning to get sore throats as well. Please be praying that we all stay healthy for this last week of the trip, especially since we do not have much down time in which to recuperate from everything we’re doing.

Thank you.


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