Saturday at “home” 1

I never thought I’d stay home to sleep while here in Slovakia(!!!), but after a whirlwind week, I apparently needed to and until 9am. The week has been rich with connecting with our students, fellowshipping with the Bible college staff and their families, getting to know one another better as team members and seeing some incredible Slovak sights. We have been very well cared for and loved and our hosts have gone out of their way to assure that we experience the “jewels” of their country and culture. Our students have been kind, eager, respectful and appreciative and I love helping them learn as best I can. I am learning from them as well and they are only too kind when I make attempts to learn their language. Their giggles make my fumbles well worth it!!!
I will leave this place in one week a rearranged and changed person. Oh, ever have a group of Slovak students sing “Happy Birthday” to you in Slovak? This birthday will go down in history as the best ever!!!

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