So little time! 2

I am sure I’m not the only member of this year’s Slovakia team wondering where all the time has gone! It is already less than five full days before we leave!
I spent most of today buying luggage, comfy clothes to travel in, and shoes that are hopefully decent for walking everywhere. I am excited and a little apprehensive. Suddenly it seems like I have no time and too much left to finish. It feels as if what preparation I have done in the last few months is not even remotely adequate for what comes in so little time. Good thing God guides everyone who asks…even those who are scrambling around last minute like chickens without heads trying to finish it all! (…like me :-)…)
I am sure that prayer for clarity of mind and sanity during all of this packing and preparation would be appreciated by all. Good luck fellow Serving Slovakia teammates!!! I will see you all at the airport soon.

~Michelle R

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