Sorry for the silence… 1

My computer died the other day, something about a “cpu” being fried. I don’t know what that means in techno-speak, but I know it means I’ve been unable to update/communicate via my computer.  Between that, and the very busy schedule we’ve had, we’ve been pretty silent on our end – but not for lack of things happening! 

The biggest news, especially for those of you connected with the students who are putting on the youth camp, is that things are going “amazingly well”!  I had the opportunity to go up there and see them on Monday.  Each of them were tired, but so excited at how things were coming together and the response they’ve been getting from the students at the camp.  Please continue to pray for life-changing connections to be made. 

It’s expected to be in the 90’s for the next couple of days.  We’ve enjoyed the respite from the heat and are hoping and praying it will at least cool off at night. A good night’s sleep makes it so much easier to have energy for the day.

It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end of our time here. Classes are rehearsing their final program for our “graduation” ceremony, people are talking about how they’re going to be packing some of the treasures they’ve picked up while here, and students and teachers are looking for opportunities to spend the last few days together before we leave. 

Please pray for God moments in these last few days – that we wouldn’t be too tired to see the divine appointments and opportunities He makes available to us. I know the hearts of the people on this team – they each desperately want to respond to the God who called them on this adventure.  Pray that we would faithfully, and joyfully, fini

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