Stepping Out In Faith 1

I did not sign up to go to Slovakia last year and I did not sign up this year, until the second call went out for more people and the Holy Spirit moved me into action to apply. I still was skeptical after the first couple of team meetings and wondered if I should really be doing this. I did not know anyone on the team and memorization is very hard for me, but to walk on the water, you have to get out of the boat and that book was a great encouragement to me. Then when Michael Valco came to visit New Heights in May, his message was exactly what I needed to hear to confirm that following the Holy Spirit and stepping out in faith is how God can use us best and I love being blessed!

Here are a few of my thoughts: At the airport, I was scared. What would happen if…a million things, but once we got on the plane it was like a big adventure and God was in charge. I love that! Upon arrival, everyone seemed excited and eager to be there and be of service. In the classrooms, joy was everywhere and what fun I had learning their language. We went to teach English and my perspective is, there is no English to describe how each of us were blessed by the two weeks we spent together. The blessing list is long and the challenges were all met and conquered. The bonding of teammates dedicated to serving Him and others was overwhelming and wonderful. The Slovakian people were welcoming and eager to share themselves and their country with us.  I learned to slow down and appreciate each day and its blessings, and I have many new treasured friends that share a love of serving and are not afraid of getting out of the boat, even when the wind blows.

We were encouraged daily by the many who were praying for us and our mission. Thank you!

I believe we were successful because the joy and laughter on graduation day was abundant and far outweighed the tears of sadness as we said goodbyes or my favorite, until we meet again!

Blessings to you all,

Patty Elmore



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