T-20 hours and counting….

At 6:15am (that’s less than 20 hours) tomorrow morning (Friday, July 9th, 2010), the Serving Slovakia team will be meeting at the Portland, OR airport in front of the US Airways ticket counter. For many, the realization is likely just now hitting that “Ohmygosh! We’re leaving TOMORROW! I’m not even packed yet!! I don’t even know what I’m going to pack! AGGHGHHH!” Or at least, that’s what I’m feeling right now…..

Tomorrow is going to come more quickly than anyone really wants…but the next two weeks will be filled with so many different wonders that we’ll soon be back and asking where the time went. Teachers are finalizing lesson plans, figuring out what materials they really need to bring with and what they can do without. Teacher’s Aides are figuring out what sorts of materials they need to try and cram into their luggage. The Youth Camp group, likely along with everyone else, is figuring out “uh oh….I need to pack today….” and will be trying to pack everything they think they’ll need for running a week long camp, as well as for themselves to go overseas for two weeks. And everyone is doing this while at the same time trying to leave room for souvenirs on the return trip.

This will be my fourth trip to Slovakia, my second with the Youth Camp, and I’m still just as anxious as ever. Every year brings new unknowns, new challenges, new relationships, and new successes. This trip really is one that will stretch every member of the team to grow in many new ways, and to rely on God for the strength to pull through as we’re in a foreign place away from our friends, family, and the comforts of home. In the end, we are all there to serve Slovakia — no matter what form that service takes, we all know that amazing things will happen so long as we keep both God and the team motto in our minds: “BE FLEXIBLE!”


P.S.> Check back frequently as members of the team will begin writing blog posts updating you on their experiences, status updates, and prayer requests. Additionally, the photo gallery (which has been dormant to this point) will soon begin to explode with photo updates from team members as well, thus allowing everyone back home to virtually live our experiences with us. Comments have been enabled, and we look forward to hearing encouraging words from people back home. Thank you for all of your support!

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