The Drive to Martin

View From the Rest Stop

Although still feeling somewhat confined, we were very excited to be through with airports and planes for a while! In the comfort of our air conditioned bus we began to enjoy the scenic four hour drive from Vienna to Martin, as some of us dozed off and on, while others stared wide-eyed at the beauty of the rural countryside.  Both of these stunning sights could be seen from the rest area at which we stopped a little over half way to our destination.  Other highlights included an impressive Austrian wind farm, several types of waterfowl, castle ruins, and Slovak families working together in their ample gardens and swimming in the winding Vah River that paralleled the highway. We were also fortunate to have a volunteer Slovak tour guide pointing out items of interest and providing historical information along the way. The drive served as a lovely introduction for the Serving Slovakia first-timers and a meaningful reminder to those having passed this way before.

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