The End… Almost

We’re almost at the end of our time in Slovakia – and what an incredible two weeks it’s been.

The first week was filled with some challenges, but God as always was faithful and things worked out – perhaps not as we would have wanted but certainly in such a way that our goal in coming here could be met – serving the folks in Slovakia.

The second week was also unexpected. One of our team members, Mark Johnson, spent the week work alongside two members from a team from North Dakota. While the rest of the team worked in the classrooms with students, these three guys – along with some Slovak workers – prepared a city-donated building for classrooms this fall (See “but God” post)… by tearing down walls, tearing up floors and removing all the debris. It was dirty, messy, dusty and HOT work – but they did an amazing job.

Next week, a team from California will come to continue the work in both the EFL classrooms and the elementary school classrooms.

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