The jet lag is killing me…

Hi All!

It’s a couple of days after the trip, so I’m wondering who will even be seeing this, but I thought I would make a post-trip post anyways. Haha, post-trip post, I crack myself up…can you tell I’m a little tired?? Last year when I returned from Slovakia, I was tired, but not so much from the jet-lag, and I was sleeping normally. But this time around, I slept scarcely more than a couple of hours in all of our approximately 17 flight hours combined! Much of that time I literally spent just sitting in my seat, trying to pass the time by watching movies, listening to music, reading books, etc. I was so jealous when I looked at all of the sleeping people around me… So since I stayed up for almost the entire trans-Atlantic flight, I decided to get Starbucks in Charlotte, NC so I could stay up for the last leg of our journey and just go to sleep when I got back home. I later discovered that this was a BAD idea! It just made me jittery for most of that flight, and I felt sick because of the horrible smells on that little US Airways plane…let’s just say I have never been so happy to breathe fresh air than I was on Sunday night!!

I am home now, in my second full day back, and it’s been strange to be here and be so exhausted. I just want to be energetic and see my friends and family, but today I mostly have been laying around, trying to upload pictures on facebook, watching episodes from Season 2 of Lost, and reading one of my favorite books out on our back deck. It’s been a day so different from our last two weeks of chaos-filled days. The trip was wonderful, and I was re-united with many dear friends I had made last year as well as forming many new frienships. Our students were truly a special, special group of people over at our high school camp, and it was so hard for us to leave them. I can only hope and pray that I will have the honor and the pleasure to return to their beloved country and be re-united once again with my new friends that quickly became so very dear to me.

There are so many things to tell about our trip, so many awesome ways in which God worked through us and met our needs and exceeded our expectations by far! However, this blog post would be much too lengthy and no one would ever finish reading it, so I will end this for now. But I very much look forward to being able to share some of our experiences over there with anyone who would like to hear! Thank you all so very much for your continued prayers~I know for a fact that they were heard by the Lord because each of us felt the effects of those prayers while we were in Slovakia. A prayer never goes unheard or ignored, and they were all VERY much appreciated!

God Bless,


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