The Last Day

Wow, the last day.  Looking back, the rest of the trip seems like an instant and yet tonight is the night of the ending party.  So many relationships, so many prayers, so many laughs, and a few tears as well, but here we are staring at the last few hours of Slovakia 2012.

It is the last chance to speak terrible Slovak and watch all of the kids make fun of us.

It is the last chance to lead camp songs like “Pharaoh Pharoah” at the top of our lungs and get WAY too into it.

It is the last chance to be drenched by a split second Slovak thunderstorm.

It is the last chance to have the courage to sit down and get to know a camper whether they know any English or not.

It is the last chance to be dumbfounded by how the worship that we can’t understand can make the biggest impact on our hearts.

And finally… it is the last chance to have Jesus work through us to leave an impact on Martin, Slovakia

We have made it this far but it is not time to stop.  We “…fought the good fight…” and now we need to finish the race.  We must continue to check our pride at the door and let God shine through us in every action and every word.  So please, pray for this last day because it is not the end, but the last chance that we have to be humble servants of God’s work here, in one of my favorite places in the world.

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