“The Love of Christ Compels Us!”

Today, our group was able to see some more of that beauty that is Slovakia. We were able to tour a castle as well as take a river rafting tour down the River Dunajec, along the Slovak/Polish border. The day even allowed for a quick crossing of the river into Poland! What seemed like just a day of fun actually allowed many opportunities for spiritual significance. Firstly, the trip took several hours in a bus, which provided much needed time for rest that will come in handy for the following week. However, many wonderful conversations were able to flow as a result of being stuck in one rather warm place with the same people (generally a recipe for butting heads, but when God is involved, a time to come together in fellowship).


In addition to our team from New Heights, there is a group from California teaching English courses. One thing that has been wonderful  is getting to connect with some of them and see how God is working in their lives and churches, as well as hopefully reciprocating encouragement. It is beautiful to see how God can work, despite of the circumstance. In the eyes of the World: 1. We would not be spending vacation time and money in order to work for two weeks, and 2. We would be angry at another group for taking a piece of our glory by also teaching English classes. Yet, as one of the members of the staff here at the Bible School in Martin said, “we do it because the love of Christ compels us.” As such, we are very blessed to work alongside our brothers and sisters from California, and are thankful for their service.


We are about to send off the Elevate team to their camp with high schoolers. I was blessed to be part of this team last year and know that they will be needing prayer for many things in the upcoming days. Also, there is a twist. This year, in addition to putting on a camp that is engaging to high schoolers despite a language barrier, they will have to motive those same students to serve in an orphanage. The good news is that God is the one who will make this happen! I am sure you will be hearing from them in the upcoming days.


As one last thought, I was sad to discover that some of the people I had hoped to see on this trip are out of the country. However, this is not a bad thing, there is a group of students from the Bible School that are currently working with children in the Ukraine. This is very amazing to see the ways that God is using his followers her in Slovakia to make an impact of the world. They will be needing prayer as well.


As always, we are very thankful for the prayers and interest in following the stories of how God is working here in Slovakia.


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