The week recap

Ahoj! I can not really express into words just how amazing this experince has been for me, but I will try:

The experience of traveling was not something I really enjoyed. The airports were hot and I did not sleep on any of the flights. But honesly that has been the only bad experience (well that and never being able to cool off lol).

But really, God is working in amazing ways here for us. Even when things do not go exactly how we thought it should, we have still been able to find relief in the fact that God is in control. I would say that this experience has really humbled my own faith and shown me that God is a God of the world and He is working even in the places that we cannot see.

Slovakia is amazing!!! I have made so many friends and I could totally stay here longer (but I do miss home, my family, my boyfriend and air conditioning).

Yesterday was so much fun! It was our first free day and we went shopping! But the coolest thing was…I GOT TO RIDE A TRAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME! It looked just like the trains from the movies. It’s amazing to get to see a city where there is all kinds of hisory and some AMAZING pictures. Today we went to Spissky Castle and it was so grand. I have some awesome pictures.

When it comes to trying to learn some Slovak, I was really scared to try to speak with the students but I am friends with enough slovak people so because I can ask them “po slavensky…very hot” that means “how do you say very hot in slovak” and the answer is velme holústo. It is incredibly fun to get to know another language. I think that this confirms my desire to get an endorsement in ESL. I mean the US is such a melting pot and to have that endorsement (English as a second language) will be valuable. Plus, I feel so much more comfortable speaking with someone who does not know english. I mean I think that this is the thing that God wants me to take from this or at least maybe He is trying to show me that if I can rely on Him.

I am really looking forward to our camp next week. We have an amazing staff. I absolutely love the Slovak counter parts. I think I have made some really good friends.

Well thats all for now.


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