Two Days in Slovakia

A car, three planes, a bus, and nearly 24 hours. That’s what it took for us to arrive safely in Martin, Slovakia. And overall, the trip went without a hitch. The only major problem is that my daughters don’t sleep when we travel. Ever. Especially my youngest. You’d think that a 6-year old who got up at 3am after only five hours of sleep would have no problem sleeping on a trans-Atlantic flight. And you’d be wrong. She slept for a grand total of one hour on the entire trip. Fortunately, she’s also a great traveler. So it really wasn’t a problem.

Mary, Leah, and Sydney

As I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve embarked as a family on a short-term mission trip with a team from my church. We’ll be in Slovakia for the next two weeks teaching English and helping with summer camps for Junior and High School students. My family’s primary responsibility is with the Junior High camp next week. So this week we’ll just be doing miscellaneous stuff at the Bible college here. And I’m always interested to see what “miscellaneous stuff” looks like on a mission trip.

Saturday evening and Sunday were really spent just settling in. Nonetheless, here are some of the highlights from the trip so far.

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