Week #1 is finished!

Today we finished our first week of classes. It will be nice to take a deep breath this weekend, enjoy a Saturday trip away from the Bible school and then have dinner with a family on Sunday after church.

This is Filip. He came to EFL classes last summer and was in the intermediate class. He was one of several boys who were in a group with David Benko. When I saw him during registration, the first thing he said was, “Where is David?” I could see the disappointment on his face when I told him David didn’t come this year. I did tell him that David’s son, Nicholas, was here and brought him over to meet Filip.

When Filip was assessed this year, he was placed in the beginner’s class. In the afternoon of the first day, he came to me and asked to come to the intermediate class. I worried that without a  connection to something familiar, he might not be successful in class or even keep coming. After talking with Brenda, Mark and Shelly, Filip moved to the intermediate class.

Those of us who were in class with Filip last year  see a change. He is participating in class and speaking a lot more English. He still uses Slovak to ask other students for help, but he seems more open this year. Just letting me take this pictures was huge! He hides his face when he sees a camera pointing at him.

Please pray for Filip. Pray that we can continue to connect and show God’s love to him.

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