Week One Reflection 3

It is hard to believe I’ve been in Slovakia for a week already, it really has gone by fast. this is my first post so I think I will just start from the beginning.

The plane ride(s) over were actually a lot of fun for me, I don’t fly very often and it was a good experience overall, uneventful even (which I like). Arriving in Vienna and driving into Martin was really nice. The castles, views of the countryside,and even the crazy traffic were all an adventure in themselves. The place we are staying in Martin is quite nice, the rooms are spacious and the view from my third story balcony is nice too. The first weekend went by very fast, in no time I was packing again to go on yet another bus ride to a ski resort called Limba where the high school camp was to be held. The camp was truly awesome. The students were very nice and very helpful when it came to translation, It was surprising how well many of them spoke English. My favorite part of the camp (aside from the students) was worship. Seeing a group of students worshipping in another language halfway across the world from home knowing you worship the same god is incredible, God is omnipresent, and I couldn’t come up with a better example of this if I tried. Leaving camp was actually fairly sad for me, I’m really gonna miss some of the students I got to know there. I certainly hope I will be able to keep in touch with them as time goes on. Overall the camp was one of the best experiences I have ever had, I hope I will get the opportunity to do it again some day. And I eagerly await the week to come!

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