Weekend fun



This weekend the Center for Christian Education celebrated 15 years of God’s miracle in the life of the school. There was a dinner reception to thank all the US teams for their past involvement – it was really quite amazing, a day of lectures about the history of Christianity, God’s word coming to Slovakia and the story of the CCE, a huge outdoor church service, an all-church goulash party and a barbeque – as only our Slovak friends can do.



Yep. Grill your own bacon. (And I don’t live here because….?)

If I had remembered the cable for my camera, I would be able to share photos from the week. Unfortunately, those will have to wait until I return home – or find someone else with the right cable. In the meantime, I’m borrowing these photos from some fellow team members. They do a pretty good job of summing up the BBQ, and showing the lengths our hosts will go to to show us a good time!

7982_10201342471743817_2104830988_nThe staff of the Center for Christian Education in traditional Slovak costumes. 




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