We’re here! 7

Well, we’ve arrived in Martin!! It’s 8pm local time here, and we’ve just checked into the hotel. We’re headed out to dinner now. More info to come soon (hopefully from several people!). Thanks again for all your support!

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After a 10 hour plane flight, a 9-hour forward time change, a 5 hour layover, a 2 hour flight, a 4ish hour bus ride, we are FINALLY in Martin, Slovakia. Total travel time from arrival at PDX to arrival in Martin: 26 hours. Everyone is certainly exhausted, yet still all had smiling faces throughout the trip. There have already been some reunions between veterans and friends in Slovakia, and we’re looking forward to even more. Tonight we’re staying in a hotel in Martin, and will be moving into the dorms of the Bible School tomorrow morning after church. Tomorrow will be a very busy day for us all, so please continue to pray that we are given the energy to do everything that needs doing. We’ll be packing up our belongings first thing in the morning to move over to the Bible School, attending a traditional liturgical Lutheran church service, moving in to our rooms at the dorms, and then unpacking all of our supplies and setting up the classrooms. Tomorrow is the only prep time we have to get the classrooms ready, so please pray that we all work together effectively and efficiently to get everything done right.


P.S.- Once we get moved into the dorms, expect to hear from me less and others more as the opportunity to use, and availability of, computers increases.

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