We’re here!

Housing/Dining/Meeting Facility

Well, we made it to camp safely!! Despite the bus being as wide as the road and a cliff less than a foot away from the edge of the road, we made it! We just finished dinner and have all unpacked, set up the meeting room, and are just socializing now. Our total number of students is up to 27, and 12 leaders. This is a HUUUUGE change from the 9 students of a week ago. There are several new faces,  and a few old faces. It was great to see students from last year’s trip return again this year. Even those we weren’t sure if they had a good time or not! We look forward to meeting all of the new faces in the next five days. We’re so excited to be able to update everyone as the camp progresses this year, so stay tuned for many, MANY, great updates to come! Now all is well and we’re preparing for the first night meeting which begins in……….15 minutes.

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