We’re here…..(belated)

Well, it’s about 5:30pm on Monday, July 12. We made it here safely on Saturday, some 24+ hours after initially leaving Portland. Everyone made it safely and in good health, without any complications. After we got here Saturday night we moved right into the dorms and then had dinner at Penzion Brilant. A delicious reprieve from the airline/airport diet we’d been on for the last day and a half.

Sunday started off bright and early with a great outdoor worship service at the church, including a special presentation from the youth who had just finished their Vacation Bible School. Hearing “He’s got the whole world in his hands” in English and then in Slovak really brings home the true meaning of that song…..that languages and geographical locations don’t matter. Following that worship service we had a great lunch with the staff of the school and their families, followed by a great barbeque of sausages, Slovak bacon, and chicken to celebrate the end of the time with groups from Chicago and Minnesota and to welcome the groups from North Dakota and New Heights.

Today was the first day of class and we were surprised to see so many more students than we had expected. It got off to a slow start, as with every year, due to the testing process to place students in their proper classes. This year, we have a special group of students though who work for the City of Martin. Various occupations ranging from Police officers to accountants to secretaries and more. It will be great getting to teach, interact with, and learn more about the lives of this group of people. The day was not without seeing familiar faces as well however, and there were many joyful reunions aspast team members and students reunited.

To this point, all have remained fairly healthy and adjusted to the time zone very well. The weather however has been similar to the first year of our classes here, being in the upper 80’s and low 90’s. While this may sound nice to many back in the States, the significant difference here is that there is no air conditioning, so it is very easy to overheat and forget to hydrate. The sky begins to lighten by around 4:30am, and the temperature is already on the rise by the time we’re up to prep for classes at 7:30. While it’s enjoyable to be in the warmest weather we’ve had all summer, we’re really hoping it cool down soon so students (and teachers) can focus on the lessons more clearly.

Internet access is still being sorted out right now, but there should soon be more postings from other teammates either as they venture to the square for WiFi, or as the computers get configured to work on the Bible School network.

—–Check back soon for more updates—–

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