What a beautiful country! 2

600 steps up and down through an ancient castle in the glorious Slovakian countryside followed by great food and conversation at the adjacent restaurant!  It is truly a reminder of the love God has for all of His children that he would fill our vision with such examples of his creation!  But this afternoon was special as well since I got to walk the town square with 2 of “my” students as we pointed at colors, people, things, buildings so they could expand their English vocabulary, improve their sentence structure and (I hope) get a sense of how much enjoyment I got out of seeing them laugh at their mispronunciations, correct each other and smile at me as I struggled to sometimes grasp what it was they wanted to know.  I know that God will continue to grow our relationships.  Keep praying for our strength, and patience for God’s timing.  Now for some Advil, water and sleep.  —–Patti

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