Where do I begin… 1

It’s so very exciting!  there’s only 7 days until we meet at the airport to start our journey to Slovakia.  It’s funny, for the longest time I worried about the finances (I’m such a control freak).  Friends kept saying  “if  God wants you to go, He will provide the funds”.   but I continued to stress about how it was going to happen and if this really was where God wanted me to be…    but I’ve learned a very very good lesson.  God is in control.  When I released it to Him, monies started appearing.  I am so overwhelmed by the generosity that some people have bestowed on me! and I know He will provide the rest!  It made me realize that this is where God wants me to be.  So with a joyful heart I am preparing for the most amazing trip.

Please be praying for our safe travels (several team members are coming from different locations around the world) and that God will work amazing things through us and that the students hearts are open to God’s love!

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