Wow, what a week!

Dear friends and family in America,

Tonight marks the end of our first week in Slovakia and boy was it a full one!  It’s strange to think we have only one more week left of this amazing place before we head back home.  The week that I have had here in Martin has been one that will leave an impression on me forever.  Being a late addition to the Serving Slovakia team I came on this trip with an open heart and mind, but to be honest not much else.  However, the love and acceptance that I have received from this incredible team has made me feel included since the minute we stepped on the plane in Portland.  That love has given me strength, energy and an innumerable amount of laughs that I appreciate more than I can explain.

I work in the advanced class and from the very start I was enormously impressed with the student’s English abilities and their want to learn!  Every one of them walked in with a smiling face which makes the classes so much fun, especially with my awesome table members Paja and Filip.  We have been going over some really advanced grammar (some of which I have to brush up on) and it is just so cool to see them soak it all up.

God has clearly been with us in our time here in Martin and all of your prayers are being felt.  One of the first few days here, I had the privilege of hearing a presentation by one of the pastors at the school and was blown away by the vision that the families have for Martin and the future of the program.  God is very very much at work in this place.  If I had any prayer requests going forward into the final week it would just be for energy to keep up with the incredible students here and also the heavenly wisdom to deepen the relationships that I have already made and have yet to make.  Thank you SO much for all of your prayers!!

God Bless,

– Drew B.

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