Lori Dillard

The intermediate 1 English class is made up of ten students, ages 10-14, and 6 leaders this week. We always engage the students in fun activities to teach English. Today, our focus was on daily routines and adverbs such as rarely, sometimes, and often. Students participated in “Sharks and Minnows” tag, a bubble gum blowing contest, and building the tallest […]

A Day in Our classroom

I have never heard so much laughter from my students as “fake” mustaches were produced and then worn by all! Some students even created their own look but cutting down the pre-made mustache handed to them. Our focus was on describing, but much joy and laughter filled the room as selfies and friends came together for a silly moment! Who […]

Mustache in Ministry

“What a friend we have in Jesus….” As I sat on the big tour bus loaded with team members and CCE staff members and pastors, I listened to these words sung in a mixture of English and Slovak. “All our sins and griefs to bear….” It was a rainy, gray day and we had just finished a Sunday adventure of […]

What I’ll Remember from the Trip