Tyler Chavers

As we stood in the Portland airport preparing to leave I received a text from a friend I had not seen in over 12 years. He was wondering why he even tried anymore. This is a man who has dedicated himself to public service- several years in the military, a full carreer in law enforcement (nearly 30 years), and currently […]

Getting here….

I was struck by how beautiful a local cemetary in Martin is. Strange, describing a place where the dead are buried as beautiful, but it is. Unlike many cemetaries I have visited this one was literally covered up in flowers, candles, and other signs of affection for those who have passed on by those still here. And not only the […]

Beautiful moments

I expected and prepared to come to minister and serve in Slovakia. I did not expect to be ministered to or served, but it has already happened in many small ways. A team member asking us to join them Saturday night, a wonderful worship service Sunday morning, another team member who bought us dinner. And, a team member featured in […]

The small things….

Today after English classes we hopped a bus to go visit the Global Outreach team a little over an hour away. They have been serving Slovak youth at a summer camp in what appears to be an older rustic ski resort. After a delicious dinner of sausages roasted over an open fire and Koffola (sorta like cola) there was a […]

Refreshing J.O.Y.

“We find our way by getting lost. Anything other than that is called reading a map.” (- Seth Godin) Adventure and faith are a lot alike. Thrilling, the unknown, something to chase after and experience fully. I used to want all the answers and I wanted assurances- I wanted a map. I wanted to know there would be no detours […]

Adventures don’t come with maps

Each morning we start with a hearty breakfast, nourishing our bodies with food, and our souls in devotion and worship. The question has often been asked, What is God teaching me today? For me, today was about realizing I’d trade everything I know about Jesus for 5 minutes with Jesus. The difference between knowing and experiencing is everything. This goes […]

What is God teaching me today?

I got a lot of well deserved grief for all of my photo taking. (I like to think I caught everyone at their best. 🙂 I chronicalled my journey and captured nearly every activity I did, but all of the food, activities, excursions, and events pale in comparison to what God did with Serving in Slovakia this year. He used […]

Look what we did