Daily Archives: July 11, 2016

    With camp activities underway, we are enjoying getting to know and serve the students.  Working with students is definitely one of my favorite things and one of the passions God has given me.  At camp, one of my jobs is to work with the students on listening and speaking skills in conversational English. Today is day one of […]

EGMT Camp – English Lessons

As we stood in the Portland airport preparing to leave I received a text from a friend I had not seen in over 12 years. He was wondering why he even tried anymore. This is a man who has dedicated himself to public service- several years in the military, a full carreer in law enforcement (nearly 30 years), and currently […]

Getting here….

Pictured below are John and Linda McDonald, who recently began their 50th year of marriage. ┬áJohn loves to travel and has a true servant’s heart. This is his 7th trip to Slovakia to assist with the EFL classes. I’ve had the honor of working with him several of those years, and he takes the job very seriously in a lighthearted […]

Serving Together