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Hello again! I wanted to say first, before I get into the events of today, that I am going to try to post as often as I can. I believe it is a great way to share with all of you back home what the Lord is doing over here and how His glory and love are so undeniably present. Along with that, this is a way for me to reflect on the day and everything that happened (just don’t mind the misspellings and grammatical errors, because I write these at the end of the day, so my tired brain doesn’t always like to cooperate at night)!)


Anywho! I got a good 8-9 hours of sleep last night and I know that most of our team slept pretty well too. We had a semi-early breakfast (which was really good btw…) before we had our first church service of the trip. It was such an awesome experience. Since the congregation speaks Slovak (I know shocking, right?), the service and sermon was translated into English by Bohdan. During the hymns of the service, Bohdan did not translate and man… I have never experienced worship in such a unique and powerful way. Listening to the songs being sung in Slovak really touched my heart and soul and I realised something. I realised that I finally understood the full weight of what people meant when they said that, His love is not just in America. Because we grow up in a self-entitled environment and society, it is hard to empathise or even comprehend what another culture’s experience with Christ’s love is like. And the truth is, His love doesn’t change. Even though we live on the other side of the world from them, worship looks different, sounds different, but the message stays the same. We are Redeemed in Christ! To realise this, has completely changed my outlook on this entire trip. Joy filled my heart as I listened and watched people of another country, society, and culture, unite as one, as the Children of God. Thank you Heavenly Father for your gift of unchanging Love.

After church, we had a lunch of goulash, along with rice and chicken, watermelon, and veggies. Following lunch we had a small meeting and the EFL team and they then prayed for our G.O. team as we headed with 49 students, new and returning, and the Slovak leadership team to the EGMT camp! It has been a blast so far and the drive out here was beautiful! We had worship, dinner, ice breaker games and now lights out are at 11 tonight (30 minutes from now). So, I must bid you all a goodnight!

We are all safe, happy and ready for this heart filling job and opportunity that we have been gifted.


Warmly in Christ,


I am surprised Caleb wasn't asleep during this photo.

I am surprised Caleb wasn’t asleep during this photo.

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  • Tyler Chavers

    Ryan, I had an equally enriching experience at church. It was fascinating to truly experience His One Spirit in all of His children as we worshipped together!

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