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Pictured below are John and Linda McDonald, who recently began their 50th year of marriage.  John loves to travel and has a true servant’s heart. This is his 7th trip to Slovakia to assist with the EFL classes. I’ve had the honor of working with him several of those years, and he takes the job very seriously in a lighthearted way. He works hard to make connections with the students and assist the lead instructor in any way he can, using humor and genuinely caring for those in attendance.  A strong desire of his has been to have his wife join him here in Martin. Linda is very active at New Heights serving with women’s ministries. She is passionate about mentoring women and sharing what she has learned in a very down-to-earth and transparent way. While supporting John in this branch of his ministry, she has never shared his enthusiasm for this type of travel and it was a joyful surprise to learn that she planned to join him this year. She appears to be having a marvelous time and is proving to be an asset to the team. It has also been encouraging to see them together, holding hands and caring so deeply for one another after 49 years of marriage.

In addition to the McDonalds we have 4 other married couples serving together this year. It’s been a fun dynamic, although it has made lodging a bit more of a challenge than normal. But as usual, God has a plan in putting together the team each year, and there is a wonderful mix of newbies and veterans, young and less young, singles, couples, and married people serving alone. Really, all that is needed to be used here in Slovakia is a love of God and a love of people. (And to speak English, of course)



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  • JoNette Rollene

    Well written article Shannon. I remember meeting John the year I was in Martin for 4 weeks. Nile and I both loved to travel but had different ideas of “the purpose”. Teaching English is work for some people, fun for others. Thanks Linda

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