The small things….


I expected and prepared to come to minister and serve in Slovakia. I did not expect to be ministered to or served, but it has already happened in many small ways.

A team member asking us to join them Saturday night, a wonderful worship service Sunday morning, another team member who bought us dinner.

And, a team member featured in the photo above who had items missing from her luggage when she arrived was undaunted. She went to work with what she could scrounge to create encouraging dorm room signs for all of the rooms! She blessed her 8 year granddaughter by replacing the signs she had made, but were missing, and she blessed all of us too!

A touching blog post about one of my best friends ever, by a new friend I’m getting to know better on this journey.

I have been greatly encouraged by 2 different team mates who have asked how I was doing…and were not looking for the standard “fine” response. It’s so wonderful to be authentic and loved just as I am.

Our team devotions echoed that again this morning, and has made it easier to love on everyone we encounter, just as we are.

I love our team and their hearts!

Thank you for continuing to support us in prayer.