Hillside Hiking

Hello again from EGMT Camp!  We are doing well here.  We’re enjoying working with the students and helping them learn what it means to be in community.  We want them to be in community with each other, with their teachers, and with God.  For many students, this is helping build the foundation of a relationship with God.Yesterday, we got the opportunity to see some of God’s workmanship in the Slovak hills.  We went on a long hike up a tall hill and could see for miles and miles.  We were so high up, you could see the patches of gardening and crops like you do in an airplane!

The students have been split into teams and had some tasks that were opportunities to communicate and compete against one another; and boy did they do their best!

Students were tasked with creating a “bride and groom” wedding picture using nature as their costumes.  They also had to bring back something that didn’t belong and take a picture that represented nature.  Finally, they were asked to create a torch that we will be lighting this evening.  The one that burns the longest will win.

On our way back, the skies decided to open up and it POURED down rain!  I was left with only the clothes I had because I thought it wouldn’t start raining until we had returned.  All I had were my tennis shoes, running shorts, and a t-shirt.

After being in the rain for only a few minutes, some students walked up next to me.  One girl offered me a jacket, but I was doing okay at this point so I told her to keep it for someone who might need it more. Another student joins us on the return and then it started to rain even harder.  She pulls an umbrella and a poncho out for me! I was so blessed by them!

I know that it is our job here to be showing God’s love, and even though I have been on a few mission trips, including Slovakia, I am continuously amazed at the love that God shows me and the service I receive from those I came to serve.