Adventures and Growth


Selfie with new friends at the top of our hike.

I personally can’t believe it has only been 5 days. It also feel like it’s been 5 weeks. Reflecting on camp this past week, it has been a huge adventure. I personally began this week with a lot of worries. “What if they don’t like me?”, “What if they think we are weird?”, What if what if what if… After a several hour bus ride to the camp we quickly learned that God was in this. The students, and ourselves, started out apprehensive. Starting conversations could be awkward and even tense. After some time the students began to open up. A 6 mile hike, drenched clothes, and a lot of prayer has resulted in some amazing connections. The students are becoming close friends and are EXCITED for school. I don’t think I have ever met more caring and sweet group of freshman. They are constantly translating for us, inviting us along on their adventures, and just having conversations with us. We ask them a lot of odd questions and they kindly respond. They constantly are handing out compliments to us Americans. I feel beyond loved by these students and can only hope they’re feeling the same way.

Most importantly, they’re growing in God. Only a few nights ago there was hardly any singing during worship time, now they get excited to sing to God. They’re asking questions about our favorite parts of the Bible or what certain things mean. This is all God’s hand. I’m amazed and honored to see how far He’s brought these students in a few short days. I am excited to hear how their school year grows them through Instagram posts and Facebook messages. As we come to a close at camp, it’s safe to say it has been beyond a successful week.