Adventures don’t come with maps


“We find our way by getting lost. Anything other than that is called reading a map.” (- Seth Godin)

Adventure and faith are a lot alike. Thrilling, the unknown, something to chase after and experience fully. I used to want all the answers and I wanted assurances- I wanted a map. I wanted to know there would be no detours or construction delays- no cancer, no broken bones, no worries because the path was all laid out before me.

I wanted to be in control. I wanted all of my expectations to be met. I didn’t want to be vulnerable or helpless or dependent on anyone else. I found that path to be a boring and lonely one full of frustration and fear and disappointment.

Coming to Slovakia has renewed my understanding that life and faith and passion is not about the map, but the One who makes the map- and He often only shares glimpses of the path ahead, knowing that part of the great adventure is getting lost.

Losing myself – getting lost in service to others, getting lost in their lives, and getting lost in Him is when I feel the most secure, the most at peace, the most cared for and loved.

I still struggle with wanting my map and my way, but when I experience the great adventure I forget all about what I thought I knew was best, and get lost in His promises to work all things out for good and His glory.

Thank you for your continued prayers as we head into week 2!