What is God teaching me today?


Each morning we start with a hearty breakfast, nourishing our bodies with food, and our souls in devotion and worship. The question has often been asked, What is God teaching me today?

For me, today was about realizing I’d trade everything I know about Jesus for 5 minutes with Jesus. The difference between knowing and experiencing is everything.

This goes for people too. I have been so blessed by the Slovak staff, my team mates, and our students! You could have spent days, weeks, or even months telling me all about them but it would still fall short of spending time with them.

I’ve seen the staff serve us and others for days, always gracious, always with a kind word, and a sweet attitude. My team mates have been fantastic- caring for each other, serving, filling in unexpectedly, worshiping together harmoniously, laughing together heartily.

And, the students. Oh my, imagine a room full of rambunctious middle school boys and girls. Some are just plain ornery, but if you aren’t paying attention you miss it- they look out for each other, they share without being asked, they are genuinely touched by generosity and say thank you, they do their work even when they don’t want to, and they are kind to one another.

Sometimes I think they are living out the values I’ve read about, but sometimes forget to employ- kindness, humility, compassion, love, you get it.

I miss my children who I have been away from. I mean, I don’t want to know what is going on in their life right now, I mean I just want to be with them.

I think God is like this too. He misses being with us. Sometimes I need to put the book away, lift my voice to Him, and just be with Him.

My prayer is that God has used and continues to use Serving Slovakia to create a desire in hearts to both know Him more, and want to be with Him more.

Thank you for continuing to pray and support the team!