More new opportunities!

One thing that I really love about getting to lead the Global Outreach Student Team each year is that every year we get to do something just a little different!

This year, we have the opportunity to once again serve at the camp that welcomes incoming freshman students to the EGMT school affiliated with the church we serve.  We will be busy helping students bond with their new classmates and fellow teachers as well as work with them on their conversational English skills.

The next week is where the new opportunity comes in!  In the mornings of week 2, we are teaming up with EGMT staff and students to help minister at a gypsy youth center right outside Martin. We get to play games and have some fun with the students. Their English is limited but if there is anything I have learned through missions, it’s that God’s love doesn’t have boundaries and barriers. The afternoons are set up to be with older EGMT students; spending time together, building relationships, and practicing English skills with us Americans.

Please join us in praying for the recurring and new ministries that will be happening this year on our trip!  We want to be prepared, helpful, and we want to leave the students in Slovakia with new bonds with each other, with us, and most importantly with Jesus.