Yes. Absolutely!

     Yes.  Absolutely!

That was the response when I asked a friend for a ride to the airport this coming Friday to launch on our journey to Slovakia.  It should not have surprised me, but I was already rehearsing in my mind all of the reasons why it would not work out.  Sadly, I approach God like this too often.  Sure, I will ask of Him but I have already doubted before the answer comes – even when I have experienced many times His, “Yes. Absolutely!”.  I am grateful that He continues to show me how to trust Him, and how much prayer really matters.

Prayer is one of my most favorite parts of the Serving Slovakia mission.  Praying for each other on the team, praying for the staff who will greet us when we arrive, praying for the students we will serve while we are there, and praying for all of those we encounter along the way both going and returning home.  Each year we ask people to support us in prayer, and I know that many do.  Knowing that we are being prayed for by our individual prayer teams, and by the greater church body is so comforting and powerful.  Prayer makes all the difference!

Seeing God answer prayers and meet needs, both large and small, is wonderful.  A friend contacted me unexpectedly who wanted to support the mission both in prayer and with finances.  He said if I did not need it to make sure it got to those on the team who did need it.  I feel like a middle man, taking one man’s gift and passing it along to those who will ultimately enjoy it.  But, in doing so, I am filled with joy as well!  I believe this is a lot like how prayer works.  I get to enjoy praying for the good of others, and then seeing it happen, and give praise to our God who makes it all possible.

My friend’s check came wrapped in a prayer, “God bless your trip!  I hope this is helpful in the furtherance of God’s work through this group of faithful men and women.  In Christ….”

Am I looking forward to seeing God’s work furthered by this faithful team, “Yes.  Absolutely!”

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer.