Daily Archives: July 14, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that a new (and long overdue) feature has gone live on the Serving Slovakia website! Following the amazing experiences of the preliminary team in 2007, it became obvious to us that we needed to find a way to better document, share, and preserve the experiences our team members were having throughout the Serving Slovakia trip. […]

Exciting Announcement!

It feels weird getting ready to leave the country for my first time ever! I don’t have much of a plan, but it will all work out. We have a great team, many of whom are experienced with this trip. Thank God for them! As I look forward to tomorrow I doubt I will be sleeping tonight in anticipation. My […]

The threshold has arrived!

We were advised not to pack at the last minute, but it is 2 am, Friday July 14th and I am finally done.  The questions of the week have been, “Are you ready for Slovakia?” “Are you packed?”  “No!” Has been the answer.  But now I am packed!  I figure my procrastination is helping me get use to Slovak time. […]

Procrastination and Anticipation