Exciting Announcement! 2

We are thrilled to announce that a new (and long overdue) feature has gone live on the Serving Slovakia website!

Following the amazing experiences of the preliminary team in 2007, it became obvious to us that we needed to find a way to better document, share, and preserve the experiences our team members were having throughout the Serving Slovakia trip. The idea was to be able to share moments, challenges, and experiences with all of those following us during our time abroad while also being able to look back on those experiences in future years. This led to the first Serving Slovakia blog being published for the 2008 team and we have been fortunate to have team members contribute and share their experiences every year since, with thousands of people following along with the team over the years.

The challenge, however, was that each year’s blog had been an independent site and therefore difficult to link together to see how things change (or stay the same) in Slovakia from year to year.  That is…until now! After several weeks of work we were able to locate, resurrect, update, and merge all of the past years’ blogs into a single unified archival database. We’ve brought together 8 years of blogs, consisting of 200+ blog entries, written by 50+ team members, all so you can get an inside look at what the Serving Slovakia trip has been like for past years teams.

As you look through the archives you’ll notice a number of repeat authors between the years. You’ll witness how much the Center for Christian Education (CCE) has grown. You’ll see requests for prayer as previous team members underwent various struggles. You’ll see posts of praise and joy, pictures of precious moments, and videos of moments neither a picture nor words could come close to describing.

Through it all, we hope that you’ll see our “Why” – our purpose for doing what we do. Our reason for going back each year. And, most importantly, the hand of God guiding each team as they’ve traveled abroad to serve the people of Slovakia.

The archives can be accessed from the menu at the top of the page. Just select which year you want to check out and it will take you to all the posts from that year’s team. 

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    • Matt Johnson Post author

      Thanks! It took a while, but I’m glad it’s done! As I worked on it, it was fun seeing a lot of the old posts again.

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