And they’re off!

The GO team is off! They will be spending a week at high school camp connecting with students and helping students connect with each other. Students come from all over Slovakia to attend the CCE so many don’t know each other! The GO team is there to help students build relationships that will last all school year while also showing students how much Jesus loves them.
Before waving the buses off, we sat and talked to students and leaders and I was amazed at how closely this send off was to our Black Lake high school camp at New Heights. Nervous students clumped together, relieved parents watching and chatting, leaders running around. Even though I couldn’t understand what the students and parents were saying, I knew I had probably heard it at a New Heights camp send off.
I think we assume people from other cultures are vastly different from us. The truth is though, people are people. It was fun to see the GO team already plugging in and chatting with students. They are going to have a fantastic week!

Prayer Requests:
-the GO team stays healthy and energized
-They are able to genuinely connect with students.
-They are able to communicate and be on the same page with the Slovak leaders.