Go with God Team New Heights!

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This morning I had the beautiful pleasure of attending a Lutheran service. It has been many years since I have attended such a service. Many of the moments were memorable, my favorite was when I heard the church bells ringing and Lori was still getting ready. I panicked and went to church any way. It was 8:27am and I just did not want to be late for church! I walked in, received the pamphlet, 2-pages double sided, very similar to many churches I have attended.

I enter the foyer and find that I recognize not one person! I look to where Shelly had said we would be sitting, the seats were empty. I walk out and ask the greeter where New Heights was! He graciously looked at his watch and said 10 o’clock! Oops, this was 8:30, breakfast time!
Praise God for his grace and mercy. The service was a memorable one in spite of the silliness. I think this trip will have some spiritual influence on me in many ways I have least expected. But most of all, I get the sense of God’s clear presence. His loving-kindness in a world so far apart from our own, his love is surely shining here in the hearts of our hosts and the people I have met. I pray this week and next go smoothly and bring great joy, peace, and love to the hearts of all of the attendees.


Go with God team New Heights!