God’s provision at home


I know, I know. You didn’t come to this blog to see a picture of my ragamuffin dog. But to me this picture will always speak to God’s tender loving care in all our situations.

In a nutshell, our dog decided she didn’t like the house sitting situation we set up and escaped the confines of our yard. Thankfully I am blessed with a truly amazing next door neighbor who has agreed to let our dog stay with her – a situation the dog finds much more to her liking.

This is my third trip to Slovakia and in each trip I’ve noticed that concerns at home, no matter how big or how small (even as small as a 7 pound dog), can weigh on the hearts and minds of the team members. As petty as it seems, my dog was the only thing I was truly concerned about at home this time. But God knew and God took care of it so I can focus on my task here, to teach and connect with the students.

There are many, many people taking care of things for the team members back home. Each of you are of inexpressible value to each of us and the goal of Serving Slovakia. As you faithfully serve the team members, we can have fewer things on our minds to worry about and be able to fully focus on loving our Slovak students and friends.

So if you’re supporting someone on our team, thank you. Whether it’s by praying or checking the mail for one of us . . . . if you’re a dad picking up the slack for a mom who is over here . . . . if you’re a boss or coworker working a bit harder so one of us can be here . . . . . if you’ve been selected as the designated airport ride . . . . . if you’re missing one of us and our internet connection is spotty and you can’t reach us . . . . Thank you. There are no words to express how very much you mean to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are loved, valued and precious in our eyes and in God’s eyes. You are the provision that makes us be able to be here.

And to the woman taking care of the previously mentioned 7 pound dog, thank you is not enough. Your friendship and generosity are not overlooked. I love you, friend.