When life starts

Church in Slovakia is different, but just as wonderful as I am accustomed to in Vancouver!  A baptism of a new baby was scheduled so we got to witness that and hear the pastor share (in Slovak,  but we have an English interpreter).

He said Catholics believe life starts at conception and Lutherans believe it starts with the first breath, but what do they know?  All of the older parents know life starts after the kids grow up and move out of your house.  There was a moment or two of chuckling as the congregation realized he was making a joke, and then he made his teaching point.

Life starts when God touches us.

As I let that thought sink in I realized how true that is for me – how my life started when He filled me with His Spirit and touched my heart – and I was filled with gratefulness and joy.

My prayer has been that God will use us as His instruments to touch other’s lives, Jesus with skin on as a good friend of mine often says.

Thank you for praying along with us as we start connecting with over 100 students!