Best thing of my life

Can I tell you about the day I’ve had?

Today is Tuesday, the second day of our first week of classes. I got off to a rocky start this morning by not getting nearly enough sleep (thank you jet lag), but my day quickly changed for the better when I went for a run though the town square here in Martin. That run was just the thing I needed to kick my day into high gear!

Later we had breakfast and team devotional at 7:30, and I was utterly moved by the sharing and focus of the devotional, which was titled “Love that is better than life” and was based on Psalm 63:1-4. We come to Slovakia to teach English, but truly, our desire is to show the love that we have received in Christ to our students, our wonderful Slovak hosts and friends, and the greater community here in Martin!

In The Message, Psalm 63:2/3 says “In your generous love I am really living at last!” Because I have received and strive to understand the impact of God’s love for me, I am free to be me, to know myself, and to be confident in the gifts He has given me. One of the gifts he has beckoned me to use here is my compassion for others and my desire to love people through my words, actions, and the way that I include people, while finding time for things that bring rest to my soul and refresh my spirit.

I was overcome by emotion at two points today: 1) during devotional when I realized how Christ’s love for me has so overwhelmed my spirit and restored my soul, and 2) during class today when my three students and I were laughing and having so much fun that I felt as though we’d been the best of friends for months or years, rather than less than 24 hours. My heart overflowed with joy and I knew I was living out Psalm 63:2/3, of really living at last from the outflow of His generous love!

Oh, and today I also got the best hug ever from Bohdan, one of the Bible School founders, who is one of the most wonderful people on the planet. It was such a comfort I almost cried.

I am overwhelmed and overjoyed by the love, forgiveness and acceptance I have received by my Savior Jesus. This is the best thing of my life.