Daily Archives: July 19, 2017

During the intermediate level 1 class it was fun to watch the kids interact with the lesson. This is how you get the kids motivated to learn! Team Lori has a great group of kids, ready to learn, and ready to be goofy! Great job Team Lori!

Serving Slovakia with song and dance!

The students were practicing making up questions, proper grammar, sentence structure, verb tense, and presentation today.  At a certain point they would stand up in front of the class and ask another student their question they had been working on.  For many students the choices presented in the questions involved material things – food, money, houses, vacations, clothes, and so […]

…and the greatest of these is Love

Day three of English class is complete. We’ve been sharing about our families & pets, packing imaginary suitcases for holiday and cheering each other on while playing outdoor games. We also have been using emojis to share our feelings, which is incredibly entertaining. These may not seem like your typical English lessons; however, they are avenues or doors to help […]

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