Listening, Sharing, Laughter & Connection

Day three of English class is complete. We’ve been sharing about our families & pets, packing imaginary suitcases for holiday and cheering each other on while playing outdoor games. We also have been using emojis to share our feelings, which is incredibly entertaining. These may not seem like your typical English lessons; however, they are avenues or doors to help the students open up and speak conversational English.

Some students attending these classes learn English in school, while others are teachers themselves. Most students of various ages understand the concepts of English probably better than the majority of us helpers.

So you ask then, what are they getting out of taking the class? Good old fashion guided conversation. Practice. Something they don’t get much of here. I imagine it’s hard to have the knowledge and not the availability to practice with American/English-speaking people.

No matter what the level, from intermediate 1 to advanced, English chatter is music to the ears. Maybe a student has a question regarding vocabulary or instruction, your table is working on a craft, you’re discussing a movie or summarizing a story, if there’s English talking, it’s all good. Those times are great times to get to know one another. To share about each other.

Being a great example of Jesus by loving the students in a way of sharing, listening and laughter is why we are here. It’s about connection. Pencil and paper are the least of these things.